Saturday, May 9, 2009

All About the People - Choose to Make a Difference

Every day consciously or unconsciously we choose to “make a difference” in the lives of those who are close to our hearts. These thoughts-become-actions could take the form of a note of affirmation to your spouse or child greeting them on the bathroom mirror, a spontaneously-purchased macchiato for a co-worker, or simply delivering a “random act of kindness” to someone within your own community.

It is in this giving that we DO receive. It may come as a tender hug & kiss, an enthusiastic high-five, or an appreciative smile! All of these actions assist in building and maintaining relationships! But it does require something of each of us ~ a call to respond and to act!

Often in the hecticness of our lives we lose track that we are also residents of a much larger community ~ a global community! In our attempt to bring understanding to this concept, we as humans tend to “shrink our world” to a size we can comprehend. However, technology continually challenges us with the ever-expanding realization that we are all residents of a vibrant, diverse, colorful federation. Just as with living within our family and working communities, being residents of this global community has its accompanying social responsibility.

When we arrive at that place of acknowledging our residency and its corresponding responsibilities, most of us feel entirely overwhelmed! But if we can grasp that it is first and foremost “relationship”, it provides us with a framework on which everything is hung!

Previously we have spoken about “why (we) should care”. Through the establishment of its principles, Fair Trade assists in providing essential framework for implementing our social responsibility. Ulitilizing those principles, we at Kingdom Ventures, Inc. work to bring about economic empowerment to our suppliers through the vehicle of relationships. It is our heart to invest in the lives of others to bring hope, restore dignity, and plan for their economic sustainability.

As residents in this dynamic, diverse world-wide community, we each, at minimum, have one role to play. Economically it is the role of an educated and appreciative consumer! But it is not for your consumption alone. Catch the Fair Trade vision, invite others along on the live-changing journey, and together let us make it a priority to be deliberate in how we live, invest, shop ….and relate…in our global community!


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