Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Daily Specials Just for You!! Give the Gift that Gives two smiles!

By Marita Greenidge

We've been a bit delinquent with KVI Fun Fridays. And we apologize most sincerely. Unforeseen circumstances prevented us from effectively delivering on bringing you AWESOME Friday fun.

But we're going to make it up to you!


We're offering daily specials on our website!!

Today we have an online special on our Arianne silk bag. Check it out here.

Remember that with KVI you can give the gift that gives two smiles - one to the lucky person who received the gift and another to the artisan who made the product, who can now earn a fair and decent living.

Have a fabulous day!


1 comment:

  1. Another beautiful creation by our skilled and creative artisans. *cheer*! :)

    Well, this bag will not only make our love one happy but also make the one created it earn a decent living :)

    Anne Oozman
    My Fare Trade Site | Fair Trade Goods