Thursday, October 8, 2009

Update from the Global Forum on Human Trafficking

Beijing is a city of around 12 million people. Imagine all of them held as slaves. That's the LOW estimate of the number of slaves being held worldwide. The HIGH-END estimate is 27 million. That's larger than any city in the world except Tokyo!

Today and tomorrow almost 800 people are gathered in Carlsbad, CA for the first ever Global Forum on Human Trafficking. We're not hearing a lot about the magnitude of the problem - most everyone here is well acquainted with it. Nor are we hearing a lot about the scope of trafficking - most of us are aware that it's not confined to "over there"; it's "here" as well.
What we ARE hearing about is progress that IS being made and steps that ARE (and CAN) be taken towards finally ending slavery for good.
More to come... Glenn

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